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@One Digital Media Technology, or ADMT, provides the campus community access to state-of-the-art media production hardware, software, computing, studio, and personnel.

Meet our Faculty & Staff

Theresa Danna-Douglas

Digital Photo Production Specialist

  tdouglas@unr.edu   (775) 682-6787

Daniel Fergus

Student Digital Media Technology Manager

  dfergus@unr.edu   (775) 682-5695

Mark Gandolfo

Director, Digital Media Technology

  gandolfo@unr.edu   (775) 682-9299

Michelle Rebaleati

Multimedia Production Specialist

  mrebaleati@unr.edu   (775) 682-5601

Laura Rocke

Digital Humanities Specialist

  lrocke@unr.edu   (775) 682-5096

Shawn Sariti

Digital Multimedia Production Specialist

  saritis@unr.edu   (775) 682-6794

Raymundo Silva

Event Media Technology Coordinator

  raymundos@unr.edu   (775) 682-6793

Luka Starmer

VR Specialist

  lstarmer@unr.edu   (607) 423-6626

Maryan Tooker

Media Production Specialist

  mtooker@unr.edu   (775) 682-6788

Kyle Weerheim

Multimedia Production Specialist

  weerheim@unr.edu   (775) 682-5605   Schedule an Appointment