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E-reserves Upgrade

We are upgrading our E-reserves system on Monday, June 26th. There will be up to 2 hours of downtime between 10:00am and 12:00 noon.

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The Dynamic Media Lab provides software, hardware, and expert assistance to complete media projects including video and audio editing, DVD authoring, animation and graphics creation, Flash authoring, and digital still photography.

Meet our Faculty & Staff

Daniel Fergus

Student Digital Media Technology Manager

  dfergus@unr.edu   (775) 682-5695   Schedule an Appointment

Michelle Rebaleati

Multimedia Production Specialist

  mrebaleati@unr.edu   (775) 682-5601

Shawn Sariti

Digital Multimedia Production Specialist

  saritis@unr.edu   (775) 682-6794

Kyle Weerheim

Multimedia Production Specialist

  weerheim@unr.edu   (775) 682-5605   Schedule an Appointment