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  • Midtown: Complete Document
  • Description, Table of Contents, Biographies, Front matter
  • Ch. 01, Jack Bacon
  • Ch. 02, Jonathan Bascom
  • Ch. 03, Mark Bonnenfant
  • Ch. 04, Tammy Borde
  • Ch. 05, Bernie Carter
  • Ch. 06, Christian and Kasey Christensen
  • Ch. 07, Neal Cobb
  • Ch. 08, Randy Collins
  • Ch. 09, Paul Doege
  • Ch. 10, Jerry Fenwick
  • Ch. 11, Ivan Fontana and Sadie Bonnette
  • Ch. 12, Joe Granata
  • Ch. 13, Jack Hawkins
  • Ch. 14, Tim Healion
  • Ch. 15, Christine Kelly
  • Ch. 16, Renee Lauderback and Duke Morin
  • Ch. 17, Jan Leggett
  • Ch. 18, Barrie Lynn
  • Ch. 19, Barry O'Sullivan
  • Ch. 20, Rader Rollins
  • Ch. 21, Hillary Schieve
  • Ch. 22, Jessica Schneider
  • Ch. 23, George Siri, Jr. and Jeff Siri
  • Ch. 24, Sam Sprague
  • Ch. 25, Peter Stremmel
  • Ch. 26, Angela Watson

Item: Midtown, Complete Document

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Midtown, Complete Document
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University of Nevada Oral History Program
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An Oral History of the Midtown District, Reno, Nevada
The Midtown History Project, of which these oral histories are a component, was initiated by the Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County (RTC) in 2015 as part of its Virginia Street Bus RAPID Transit Extension Project. That broader RAPID project aims to create connectivity between the University of Nevada, Reno, downtown Reno, and Midtown, encourage economic development, enhance safety, and improve livability in the Virginia Street corridor. Its primary transit-oriented elements include connecting RAPID to the University, improving safety for all modes of transportation, correcting ADA sidewalk deficiencies, and improving traffic operations.
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All Oral History Archive interviews are copyrighted materials. They may be downloaded and/or printed for personal reference and educational use, but not republished or sold. Under “fair use” standards, excerpts of up to 1000 words may be quoted for publication without permission as long as the use is non-commercial and materials are properly cited. The citation should include the title of the work, the name of the person or people interviewed, the date of publication or production, and the fact that the work was published or produced by the University of Nevada Oral History Program (and collaborating institutions, when applicable). Requests for permission to quote for other publication, or to use any photos found within the transcripts, should be addressed to UNR Special Collections, 1664 N. Virginia MS 322, Reno, NV 89557-0322. Original recordings of most interviews are available for research purposes upon request.
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