What is Digital Measures?

Digital Measures is a database program that allows faculty to input their teaching, research and service accomplishments over the course of the year into one place so that the administration does not have to ask for the same data multiple times and the faculty member can keep an ongoing record of what they have taught, written and done at UNR.

Who has to use Digital Measures?

At present, Digital Measures is only used by all academic faculty, regardless of funding source or role statement (i.e. research faculty as well as teaching faculty).  It is not for use by administrative faculty, though this may change in the future.

For what purposes will the data be used?
Digital Measures data will be used to complete annual evaluation forms, curricula vitae, and promotion& tenure forms (in process).  The data will also be used to complete various system reporting requirements for out of classroom accomplishments.
Is Digital Measures an on-line evaluation tool?

No.  While you will enter your data online, the system does not allow for the department chair/personnel committee to complete the evaluation process on-line.  You will still need to produce a signed hard copy per your departmental/college procedures.

Who has access to my data?

Each department chair can access the data from faculty in his/her department.  Likewise the dean can access his/her college data.  At the university level, the data is only for system reporting purposes by the Office of Institutional Analysis.

Is there any sensitive personally identifiable data in the system?

No, the only things that are included in Digital Measures are publicly available information like your rank, office location and phone number.  No personal data, like social security numbers, is in the system.