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The University of Nevada Reno Libraries System offers a plethora of different services for student, faculty, staff and members of the community.

Meet our Faculty & Staff

Deirdre Adams-Buckley

Coordinator, Course Reserves and Document Delivery Services   (775) 682-5577

Marie Bradshaw

Library Assistant II   (775) 682-5591

Georgia Grundy

Ereserves, Circulation, Microform   (775) 682-5637

Mark Lucas

Document Delivery Library - Lending.   (775) 682-5635

Mary Martini

Library Assistant III   (775) 682-5570

Molly Mott

Library Technician I   (775) 682-5622

Victoria Pascucci

Library Assistant III   (775) 682-5619

Maggie Ressel

Director of Access Services   (775) 682-5653   Chat with Maggie   Schedule an Appointment

Sasha Soleta

Library Assistant III   (775) 682-5618

Jennifer Wykoff

Library Assistant III   (775) 682-5628