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Research and Instructional Services

Research and Instructional Services assists students, faculty, and community members with the discovery, evaluation, and use of information. We further support the development of information literacy by offering a range of instructional services, including teaching information literacy skills and concepts to classes, assisting with assignment development, and providing individual research consultations.

Meet our Faculty & Staff

Kathleen Anderson

Library Technician I   (775) 682-5663   Schedule an Appointment

Amy Hunsaker

Fine & Performing Arts Librarian   (775) 682-5641   Schedule an Appointment

Ann Medaille

Director of Liaisons and Research Services   (775) 682-5600   Schedule an Appointment

Usha Mehta

Library Technician I   (775) 682-5655

Tati Mesfin

Library Instructor   (775) 682-5595   Schedule an Appointment

Amy Shannon

Life Sciences Librarian   (775) 682-6624   Chat with Amy   Schedule an Appointment

Teresa Schultz

Librarian II   (775) 682-5638   Chat with Teresa   Schedule an Appointment

Rosalind Bucy

Research & Instruction Librarian   (775) 682-5098   Schedule an Appointment

Mitchell Winterman

Business and Economics Librarian   (775) 682-5510   Schedule an Appointment

Rayla Tokarz

Information Literacy Librarian   (775) 682-5512   Schedule an Appointment

Elena Azadbakht

Health Sciences Librarian   (775) 682-5654   Schedule an Appointment