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Research Services

Need help getting started on a research project? Need to find that pesky citation? Research Services can help with all your library research needs.

Meet our Faculty & Staff

Kathleen Anderson

Library Technician I   (775) 682-5663   Schedule an Appointment

Ann Medaille

Director of Liaisons and Research Services   (775) 682-5600   Schedule an Appointment

Usha Mehta

Library Technician I   (775) 682-5655

Tati Mesfin

Library Instructor   (775) 682-5595   Schedule an Appointment

Amy Shannon

Life Sciences Librarian   (775) 682-6624   Chat with Amy   Schedule an Appointment

Teresa Schultz

Librarian II   (775) 682-5638   Chat with Teresa   Schedule an Appointment

Rosalind Bucy

Research & Instruction Librarian   (775) 682-5098   Schedule an Appointment

Mitchell Winterman

Business and Economics Librarian   (775) 682-5510   Schedule an Appointment

Elsa De Jong

Library Instructor   (775) 682-5700   Schedule an Appointment

Rayla Tokarz

Information Literacy Librarian   (775) 682-5512   Schedule an Appointment