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Donnie Curtis

Special Collections Librarian

  dcurtis@unr.edu   (775) 682-5668

Betty Glass

Special Collections Librarian

  glass@unr.edu   (775) 682-5660

Jessica Maddox

Library Technician II

  maddoxj@unr.edu   (775) 682-5672

Kimberly Roberts

Special Collections Archivist II

  kroberts@unr.edu   (775) 682-5585

Edan Strekal


  strekal@unr.edu   (775) 682-5640

Jacquelyn Sundstrand

Manuscripts/Archives Librarian

  jsund@unr.edu   (775) 682-5667

Kathleen Szawiola

Graphic Designer

  kszawiola@unr.edu   (775) 682-5656



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