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Ebook Central Database Scheduled Maintenance

Maintenance on the Ebook Central database is scheduled on Saturday, April 21, 2018 from 7:00 PM until Sunday, April 22, 2018 at 12:00 AM. This will also cause service disruptions to e-book access in OneSearch.  If you are unable to access e-books during this time, please try again later.

Teaching & Learning Technologies Quicklinks

Teaching & Learning Technologies (TLT) is comprised of the Classroom Support and Instructional Design Teams. TLT provides support for instructional design, instructional technologies, such as WebCampus, and the technology found in the University’s classrooms.

WebCampus Grade Integration with MyNEVADA

The grade integration from WebCampus to MyNEVADA is now live. MyNEVADA seamlessly pulls grades from WebCampus, reducing data entry errors and saving time on the final grade posting process. More Information on the New Grade Integration

Meet our Faculty & Staff

Gregory Brettell

IT Professional I

  gbrettell@unr.edu   (775) 682-8392

Bowen Drewes

Instructional Technologist

  bowend@unr.edu   (775) 682-5651

Frank Fanelli

IT Technician V

  frank@unr.edu   (775) 682-5106

Danielle Gann-Lind

Resource Management and Logistics Coordinator

  dgali@unr.edu   (775) 682-6785

Greg Gardella

Instructional Technology Manager

  greg@unr.edu   (775) 682-6782

Kathy Hanselman

Instructional Designer

  kathrynh@unr.edu   (775) 682-5624

Ed Huffman

Director of Teaching & Learning Technologies

  edhuffman@unr.edu   (775) 682-5666

Kari Johnson

Learning Management System Administrator

  kari@unr.edu   (775) 682-6786   Schedule an Appointment

Mike Kari

Audio Visual Technician II

  mikek@unr.edu   (775) 682-9302

Brad Kuhn

Audio Visual Technician II

  bkuhn@unr.edu   (775) 682-5114

Wenzhen Li

Instructional Designer

  wenzhenl@unr.edu   (775) 682-6789

Bertz Llaguno

Electronics Technician III

  bertz@unr.edu   (775) 682-5110

Don Massie

Instructional Technologist

  donmassie@unr.edu   (775) 682-5720

Kevin Nussear

Classroom Computer Specialist

  kevinnussear@unr.edu   (775) 682-6701

Lia Schraeder

Instructional Designer

  lschraeder@unr.edu   (775) 682-6540