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What We Do

Email requests to the library IT manager, Shaley DeGiorgio, call 25569, or Skype.

Access to Library Applications

  • Request new user accounts
  • Change or revoke access

Library Website and Applications

  • Development
  • User Experience
  • Accessibility
  • Problem reports

Library IT Project Coordination

  • Project management templates
  • OIT infrastructure
  • Service lifecycle and change management

3rd-Party Vendors

  • Purchasing practices
  • Sandbox testing
  • Contract reviews
  • Negotiation strategies

Integrated Library System (Sierra)

  • ILS training
  • Online catalog access
  • Module functionality, versioning, and security

Primary 2018 Projects

  • Website and procurement accessibility compliance
  • Website assessment and migration
  • Project / service catalog management and culture development

Meet our Faculty & Staff

Emily Mathews

Library Application Specialist   (775) 682-5675

Tanner Kowalczik

Web Developer   (775) 682-5012

Shaley Degiorgio

Manager, Library IT   (775) 682-5569