Our mission, vision, and values

We base our strategic planning and day-to-day operations on these pillars

Driven by mission and vision

Informed by values

DeLaMare Library team member working with a student in the Map Library.


We provide excellent, proactive, user-centered services and a service environment, supported by continuous assessment, in which user satisfaction goals are shared by all library staff; operations and policy decisions are focused on the user; and staff are empowered to respond and solve problems to facilitate the attainment of user-centered objectives.

Interns from the Basque Library working with materials in the reading room.


We build meaningful, sustained connections with students, faculty, and the larger community in order to more deeply understand and more effectively respond to their needs. We bring enthusiasm and dedication to our work, and we give ourselves fully in service to our users.

Data Services team member working with a student in the GIS depot.


We collaborate with other library staff in a collegial and respectful manner because we recognize that we can be more effective when we combine our strengths and work toward shared goals. We cultivate trust in each other, embrace the idea of disagreement with respect, value the contributions of all library staff, and strive to work together in a spirit of inquiry and openness.

Team members working in the Makerspace @ DeLaMare Library.

Responsiveness to change

We respect standards and proven practices but recognize that technological, social, and professional changes will affect our operations. We stay abreast of recent developments and respond proactively to a changing world. Sometimes we are the change leaders.

Team member working a group of negatives.

Intellectual freedom

We embrace intellectual freedom as an essential element of learning, discovery, and engagement. We value the curiosity of all library users and provide services and resources to address all points of view.

Student working at a computer in the Knowledge Center.


We recognize that privacy is vital to free speech, free thought, and the free pursuit of learning and research, and that libraries carry a special responsibility to protect the activities of library users from unwanted scrutiny or observation.