Policy Statement

The University of Nevada, Reno Libraries do not accept gifts of books, journals, magazines, audio/video tapes/CDs/DVDs or other materials that were produced in large numbers for sale to the general public.


As a result of our shift to digital content, online access to materials, and increasingly efficient technologies for acquiring print as well as multimedia materials, the expenses associated with evaluating and processing gift materials have become prohibitive. In addition, audio and video content, which has been purchased for individual use, frequently has licensing restrictions that limit its use to the individual who purchased it.

Special Considerations

While the Libraries do not accept in-kind gifts as noted above, the University Libraries Special Collections & University Archives may accept donations of rare books, manuscripts, individual or family papers, organizational or business records, photographs, media, and other materials that support the research mission of Special Collections & University Archives. The Basque Library may accept materials that relate to Basque history and culture, including papers, photographs, and other media.

Alternatives for Donating Materials

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of alternatives for donating or recycling materials