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Episode 1: Printing PPE Equipment

Special Guests: Nick Crowl and Tara Radniecki from the University of Nevada, Reno's DeLaMare Science and Engineering Library

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Episode 2: Peer Research Consultants

Special Guests: Tati Mesfin and Alyssa Campbell from Research & Instructional Services

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Episode 3: Teaching and Learning Technologies

Special Guest: Kathryn Hanselman from Teaching & Learning Technologies

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Episode 4: Access Services and Discovery Services

Special Guests: Rainey Marvin from Access Services and Jazmin Arevalo from Discovery Services

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Episode 5: Virtual Campus Tour

Special Guests: UNR's Director of Admissions, Steve Maples, and Multimedia Production Specialist Nick Gapp from the Knowledge Center's @One

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Episode 6: Reopening

Special Guest: Linda Kopecky, Associate Dean of Libraries and Teaching & Learning Technologies

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Episode 7: Digital Services

Special Guest: Katherine Dirk from Digital Services

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Episode 8: The Basque Library

Special Guest: Iñaki Arrieta Baro  from the Jon Bilbao Basque Basque Library

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