When Find It does not give you Full Text

If you need to find the full text of an article, the Find It button will usually help you find it in the library’s online or print collections. However, the system does not always work perfectly. If the Find It button does not link to the article you need, here are some troubleshooting suggestions.

Screenshot of a journal article result with title and other publication information. The "Find It" button is enclosed in a red rectangle to show its location on the page. Next to the "Find It" button is the “Check for full text” link, which performs the same function as the Find It button. There is also a gray icon of an “academic journal." Additionally, there are two icons: a piece of paper with gray lines on it plus a "magnifying glass" icon on top of the paper, and a blue "folder" icon with a white "plus" sign in the middle.
  • Check to see whether the article has been posted online via Google Scholar.
  • Search for the article title—within quotation marks—in Library Search. This may give you a different link than the one you tried.
  • Go to the Journals page on the library homepage, and search for the journal title. The Journals list includes holdings for both print and online journals that are available to University of Nevada, Reno users. If the library has the issue you need, browse to the volume and issue number online or find the print issue in the library.
  • If the library does not hold the article online or in print, order it from Interlibrary Loan. Do not pay for articles!
  • If a link to access a full-text article doesn’t work, report it through the Libraries' Report a Problem form.
  • Use library chat or email to get further assistance.