Dynamic Media Lab

Dynamic Media Lab is open with 9 Mac Pro available. Open M-F, 7am-9pm, 12pm-9pm Sunday, Closed Saturday. Remote assistance is available by appointment- contact Nick Gapp (ngapp@unr.edu) for assistance

Scanning and Printing

Scanning is limited to one desktop scanner PC and one Wide-format Scanner PC. All b&w and color printers in @One are in operation. Poster printing is also available and operating as usual.  If a print request is not possible to do on-site, contact Harry Thomas at (775) 250-1660.  

Checking Out Equipment and Materials

Digital Media Checkout– Monday - Friday 8am-5pm. Reservations for equipment are recommended. To reserve contact lstarmer@unr.edu or leave a voice mail at (775) 784-4924.

The following items are not available for checkout during this phase of the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Headphones
  • Device chargers and cords
  • Markers
  • Calculators


We will only be accepting cashless payments. Payments by credit card, debit card, or WolfCard are encouraged.