Confronting Environmental Challenges

As we celebrate Earth Day, the environmental challenges our world faces can seem overwhelming. Learning and staying informed about them can seem like a huge task with so much information to process. This virtual book display contains twenty-four curated works on various aspects of the climate crisis and other threats to the natural world, along with proposed solutions. Whether you are just getting your feet wet or are ready to dive deeper, develop your understanding of the state of our planet with your friends at the DeLaMare Library! 

Featured Titles

Cover of A Line in the Tar Sands

A Line in the Tar Sands

Authors: Black, Toban et. al.

Including leading voices involved in the struggle, this book offers a critical analysis of the impact of the tar sands and the challenges opponents face in their efforts to resist.

Cover of A Short Introduction to Climate Change

A Short Introduction to Climate Change

Author: Eggleton, Tony

This book explores developments in climate science over the past 250 years and shows that recent climate change is more than the result of natural variability.

Cover for Adaption to Climate Change

Adaptation to Climate Change

Author: Pelling, Mark

Adaptation to Climate Change presents a framework for making sense of the range of choices facing humanity in light of environmental crisis.

Cover of Adventures in the Anthropocene

Adventures in the Anthropocene

Author: Vince, Gaia

A science journalist travels the world to explore humanity’s ecological devastation—and its potential for renewal. 

Cover of Assessing Climate Change Impacts on the United States

Assessing Climate Change Impacts on the United States

Author: McNeill, Alex B.

Assessing Climate Change Impacts presents an overview of the impacts of climate change in the U.S. with special attention on how the current uncertainty will effect policymaking. 

Cover of Bad Environmentalism

Bad Environmentalism

Author: Seymour, Nicole

Nicole Seymour asks us to rethink environmentalist's reputation for gloom and doom and instead argues for ironic, irreverent, and playful alternatives. 

Cover of Climate Cover-Up

Climate Cover-Up

Authors: Hoggan, James; Littlemore, Richard

Discover the disturbing details of how the energy industry has fueled a campaign of bogus controversy to discredit scientists, confuse journalists, and deny climate change.

Cover of Climate Ethics

Climate Ethics

Authors: Tremmel, Joerg Chet; Robinson, Katherine

Climate change is the most important issue of our time, but little has been done to stop it. Climate Ethics identifies the reasons behind this paradox and outlines a way forward.

Cover of Environmental Sociology

Environmental Sociology

Authors: King, Leslie; McCarthy Auriffeille, Deborah

This book guides students in using their sociological imagination to explore a variety of environmental issues, with a particular focus on how social dimensions such as power inequality affect them.

Cover of Extreme Weather and Natural Disasters

Extreme Weather and Natural Disasters

Author: Healey, Justin

This book examines the causes of severe and extreme weather in Australia and explores the nation’s history of natural disasters and their impact on humans and the environment. 

Cover of Greenhouse Governance

Greenhouse Governance

Author: Rabe, Barry G.

Featuring preeminent scholars, Greenhouse Governance brings a much-needed public policy mindset to discussions of climate change in America.

Cover of Hijacking Sustainability

Hijacking Sustainability

Author: Parr, Adrian

In Hijacking Sustainability, Adrian Parr describes how the goals of an environmental movement came to be mediated and commodified by corporate interests, government, and the military.

Cover of Pipeline and the Paradigm

Pipeline and the Paradigm

Authors: Avery, Samuel; McKibben, Bill

This thoroughly researched and wholly engaging book investigates the economic, ecological, political, and psychological issues behind the massively controversial Keystone XL pipeline.

Cover of Protecting the Wild

Protecting the Wild

Authors: Crist, Eileen; Wuerthner, George; Butler, Tom

Protected natural areas are under attack by those who would exploit them. Protecting the Wild offers a spirited argument for the robust protection of the natural world.

Cover of Sinking Chicago

Sinking Chicago

Author: Platt, Harold L.

In Sinking Chicago, Harold Platt shows how people responded to climate change in one American city over a hundred-and-fifty-year period.

Cover of Sustainability Science

Sustainability Science

Author: de Vries, Bert J. M.

Sustainability Science provides an introduction into patterns of past and present (un)sustainable development and explores ways in which we’re trying to correct course.

Cover of Sustainable Energy Solutions for Climate Change

Sustainable Energy Solutions for Climate Change

Author: Diesendorf, Mark

This book is a call to action on climate change, filled with detailed information on the strategies we need to adopt to ensure a sustainable future for the planet. 

Cover of The City and the Coming Climate

The City and the Coming Climate

Author: Stone, Jr, Brian

Learn about the dramatic amplification of global warming happening in cities and the range of actions that individuals and governments can undertake to slow it down in this accessible book.

Cover of The Economics and Politics of Climate Change

The Economics and Politics of Climate Change

Authors: Helm, Dieter; Hepburn, Cameron

This book takes a cool-headed look at the economics of climate change and examines the policies governments can put in place to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Cover of There Is No Planet B

There Is No Planet B

Author: Berners-Lee, Mike

There is No Planet B maps out a big-picture perspective on the environmental and economic challenges of today in an accessible and entertaining way, filled with astonishing facts and analysis.

Cover of This Borrowed Earth

This Borrowed Earth

Authors: Hernan, Robert Emmet; Nash, Graham; McKibben, Bill

Environmental lawyer and activist Robert Emmet Hernan provides a comprehensive, up-to-date treatment of what happened at fifteen environmental disasters in ten countries across the globe.

Cover of Toxic Communities

Toxic Communities

Author: Taylor, Dorceta

Examining the shocking conditions of impoverished communities, Toxic Communities explores the connections between residential segregation, zoning, and exposure to environmental hazards.

Cover of Unraveling Environmental Disasters

Unraveling Environmental Disasters

Authors: Vallero, Daniel A.; Letcher, Trevor M.

Unraveling Environmental Disasters provides scientific explanations of the most threatening environmental disasters, how they might have been avoided, and ways to minimize the risk of future catastrophes.

Cover of Wildlife Habitat Conservation

Wildlife Habitat Conservation

Authors: Morrison, Michael L.; Mathewson, Heather A.

While familiar, the exact definition of a “habitat” is vague. This book attempts to change that, and to create a better understanding of how to study and conserve natural habitats.