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This site showcases the ways in which University of Nevada, Reno students use the department’s collections for research and learning. Special Collections and University Archives houses approximately 5 million individual primary source items in over 3,500 archival collections. Our Book Arts collection has more than 2,500 volumes and includes authors from around the world, and we also have rare books that are as much as six hundred years old. All of these resources are rich source materials for deep research and engaged learning. Through projects such as the ones on this portal, Special Collections and University Archives serves as a laboratory and exploration space.

Senator Harry Reid Graduate Fellowship

Harry Reid Fellow Blog

Black and While image of 8 men and one woman pose in from of the Great Basin National Park mountains.

Harry Reid’s Tireless Campaign for Great Basin

Commemorating Harry Reid's birthday with a look at his accomplishment of Great Basin National Park

Main Street, Searchlight, Nevada

Senator Harry Reid: the historian

The Story of Searchlight and Senator Reid’s Preservation of Nevada’s Past

Senator Harry Reid

Sen. Harry Reid's papers find a home in Special Collections

'I always knew in my heart what I was going to do' with papers, Sen. Reid says

Darla and Jonathan Garey-Sage Internship

A practical archives work experience for undergraduates at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Learn more about the internship
The foyer of the Special Collections and University Archives department with glass and wooden displays showing archival items

Pandemic Photography Project

Students in Professor Sarah Keyes’ Nevada History course (HIST 217) use historic campus photographs in the department’s collections to reflect on how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed campus life.

Black and white image of men in football uniform chasing another player holding the ball.

2020: A New Normal of a National Past-time

Football attendance then and now during a global pandemic

Partial aerial view of the rather empty Mackay Stadium during a game in October 2020

Pandemic Photograph Project: Mackay Stadium

How COVID-19 Has Affected College Sports

Photo of lone student looking at phone waiting outside the temporary dining hall on the Jot Travis Student Union Lawn

Jot Travis Building: Then and Now

Social Suffering and the Unintended Consequences of Life on Campus During a Pandemic

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