Tati Mesfin

Tati Mesfin

Instruction Librarian English Composition


As the Instruction Librarian, I support Core Writing faculty and students through information literacy instruction and help them access the resources they need for teaching, learning, and research. I work with students of all backgrounds, particularly first-generation, first-year, and transfer students, and acquaint them with the University Libraries’ resources and services in order to support their academic success.


B.S., Biology, University of Nevada, Reno

Selected publications and presentations

  • Bucy, R., De Jong, E., Tokarz, R., Mesfin, T. “University of Nevada, Reno: Tackling English Composition as a Team”. In Hidden Architectures of Information Literacy Programs: Structures, Practices, and Contexts, edited by Rebecca Halpern. ACRL, 2019.
  • Kraemer Copyright Conference. University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs, CO, June 10-12, 2019: “Music Librarians and Copyright: How Much Do We Really Know?” (with Hunsaker, A. and Auch Schultz, T.).
  • Two Year College English Association for the Western Region. Truckee Meadows Community College, Reno, NV, October 11-12, 2019: “Digital Literacies for the Transfer Student: Working Collaborations for Student Preparations” (with Surges, A. and Bucy, R.).
  • Nevada Library Association Conference. Reno, NV, Nov. 2-4, 2019: “Upgrading Information Literacy in First-year English Composition: Mapping Student Learning Outcomes to the ACRL Framework” (with Bucy, R. and Tokarz, R.).
  • Critical Librarianship & Pedagogy Symposium (Online), Sept 1-17 2020. “Men Lead, Women Teach: Are we Perpetuating our own Gender Stereotypes in Job Advertisements?” (with Tokarz, R.).
  • Tokarz, R. & Mesfin, T. (2021). Stereotyping Ourselves: Gendered Language Use in Management and Instruction Library Job Advertisements. Journal of Library Administration, volume 61(3). pg. 301-311, DOI: 10.1080/01930826.2021.1883368
  • Open Education Conference (Online), Oct.18-22, 2021. Using an Escape Room to Educate Students About Open Textbooks. (with Shannon, A., Auch Schultz, T. and Azadbakht, E.)