What happened to the Library Catalog and OneSearch?

The library has a new search tool for discovering and accessing library materials, Library Search. It replaces both the former version of OneSearch and the former library catalog, so you no longer have to use two different interfaces. Library Search searches all online and print materials available through the library and provides access to library account information.

What’s new and different about the new system?

Library Search offers an improved user experience for library patrons, bringing together services and search tools that used to be in several different interfaces. Enhanced or new features include the ability to:

  • Personalize results
  • Save specific items and search queries to My Account
  • View reviews, summaries, and tables of contents (when available)
  • View loan history
  • Narrow search results by particular database or platform name

Library Search Feedback

Will the links I bookmarked or saved searches still work?

It depends on what kind of saved links or searches you had:

OneSearch links

If you have links to the OneSearch interface, they will work for a short time after switching to the new system on June 22, 2021. (These are typically either TinyURL links or URLs with “serialssolution.com” in the URL.) OneSearch will be available through the summer. However, content will not be updated, and links will not be maintained from the library website.

Catalog links

Catalog links will no longer work as of June 22, 2021. These links can be identified by “innopac.library.unr.edu” in the URLs.

Links to specific titles (articles, ebooks, etc.)

If you had links going to specific resources on publisher platforms or in subject databases, those links should continue to work.

Will the migration affect interlibrary loan services that are offered by the Libraries?

Traditional interlibrary loan (handled through ILLiad) will not be affected, but we have had to discontinue the LINK+ borrowing service, as it was tied to our former software system. We will be exploring alternative services to replace Link+ in the future. Additionally, the new system will allow us to provide more seamless access to all your borrowed items.

After the migration is complete, we expect to offer enhanced and simplified borrowing among NSHE institutions in northern Nevada. The libraries of Truckee Meadows Community College, Great Basin College, Western Nevada College, and the Desert Research Institute are all migrating to Ex Libris’ Alma software at the same time as the University of Nevada, Reno.

Can I request a campus delivery of books without going through ILLiad?

Yes! That is one of the enhancements of the new system. By signing in and clicking “Request,” you can specify delivery to your on-campus office location.  Our staff delivering items may need to access your mailbox or office if you are not there.

Why are you making this change now?

The Libraries released an RFP for a new library services platform in 2019 to replace the legacy system that has been in use (in various versions) since 1987. We have been working with the selected vendor, Ex Libris, on the migration since the summer of 2019. The migration was driven by the need for a cloud-based service that would allow us to efficiently manage online and print materials and provide an accessible public interface in a single system. We also sought a system that supported current data standards and would open up the possibility of integration with other campus information systems, such as Workday or the Libraries’ interlibrary loan system (ILLiad).