Copyright, Intellectual Property, and Open Access

Learn about copyright, intellectual property, and open access.

Intellectual Property

Copyright Content

Under U.S. law, copyright protects creative works that are in tangible form: books, pictures, plays, movies, musical compositions, sound recordings, and architectural works. What's not protected: ideas, titles, and facts, such as data. Works created by the federal government are also not protected by copyright. Go to our Copyright LibGuide for more information.

Open Access Content

The open access movement seeks to make scientific knowledge available to anyone online, not just those whose institution can afford a subscription to expensive scholarly journals. OA has a range of levels, from something that's free to read to an item that has been licensed for any reuse. Go to our Scholarly Publishing & Open Access LibGuide for more information.

Patents and Trademarks Content

Patents are exclusive rights granted by a country to an inventor, excluding others from making, using or selling the invention. Trademarks protect symbols, words, logos, or designs created by a manufacturer. Go to our Patents and Trademarks LibGuide for more information.