Library Instruction for Core Writing

We look forward to working with you to introduce your students to the library and improve their information literacy skills.

Library book stacks in the knowledge center

Library Instruction During COVID

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be scheduling Core Writing classes in the library computer labs. However, we will still provide information literacy instruction for Core Writing.

Library Instruction for ENG 102 or equivalent

We will provide synchronous, online instruction. To request a library instruction session for your ENG 102 class, please complete the ENG 102 Library Instruction Request Form.

Library Support for Core Writing

All Core Writing instructors can embed library instruction modules in their courses on WebCampus. Modules created specifically for Core Writing include:

  • Introduction to Library Concepts
  • Using OneSearch
  • Introduction to the Knowledge Center
  • Getting Started with Library Research
  • Multimodal Projects

General Guidelines

As always, make your request early and introduce the library early in the research process, after students have received their assignment and identified research topics.