Acquiring Reproductions

Special Collections and University Archives items do not leave the department, but you can use your camera or the self-service scanner to capture images of materials in the reading room. Staff will make copies of materials for remote users and for on-site users upon request. For mediated copying or scanning, procedures and fees vary by types of material.

Books and Papers

The self-service scanner in the reading room will enable you to e-mail digital copies of Special Collections and University Archives materials. We encourage you to ask for assistance in learning to use the scanner. Camera use is allowed in the reading room, but please ask about policies and procedures at the research desk.
Consult the price list for information on mediated photocopying, publication-quality images, large orders and other exceptions. Copies can also be requested through email. Special Collections may not always be able to provide copies of certain materials that are especially fragile or vulnerable.


To find and obtain Special Collections and University Archives images:
First, check our new Digital Archive. You can search through all the collections of digital images and texts or you can browse (and search) through a large or small individual collection. You can download a high quality copy of an image:

  • Click on the small "clip" icon above the top left corner of the photograph .
  • You will be prompted to download the image to your computer.
  • If you plan to print the photograph or use it in a publication or film, you will need to resize it. Change the resolution to at least 300 dpi and adjust the height and width proportionately to an appropriate size for your purpose.

If you have not yet found the images you need, search our photo database, which contains descriptive records and images for digital photographs and also descriptions of non-digital photographs. Photocopies of some photos can be seen in the Special Collections Reading Room. If no digital copy of the photo exists, you may request the original photograph and use the self-service scanner to capture the image.
You will also have the option to request, for a fee, that staff create a digital copy for you of items not already available for downloading in digital collections. Use the order form (shopping cart) to request digital copies of photographs. You will receive an invoice shortly after submitting an order. After processing fees are paid, digital copies will be transferred via our file transfer system. You will receive an email message with instructions.

Maps, Posters, and Architectural Drawings

Large-format items require preparation and special handling when copies are requested. Please allow extra time for the fulfillment of the request, and consult the price list for the charges.

Audio and Video Recordings

Special Collections and University Archives houses audio and video/film materials in a variety of formats. Some are in digital format or can be converted to digital files (usually mp3 or mp4). Special Collections audio and video items can be found within manuscript collections or in the library catalog. Audio files are available for some of the oral histories. Please ask us for more information about acquiring copies of audio or video recordings.