Visit the Libraries Safely

Let’s look out for our Pack by taking these steps each time you visit the Libraries.

Steps for Protecting the Pack in the Libraries

Student wearing a face mask while using virtual reality equipment in the @One.

Wear your face masks

Regardless of vaccination status, all students, employees, and members of the public must wear masks indoors.

Keep your face covering on at all times, even if you are studying alone. None of our public spaces, including group study rooms, are private. Help us keep every member of the pack who uses our spaces safe by following this rule, regardless of your vaccination status.

Jessica Maddox wearing a mask in front of the computing help desk at the Knowledge Center

Eat in designated areas

We know you cannot keep your face masks on when enjoying food, so the Libraries have designated specific areas for eating. If you plan to enjoy your meal or snack while visiting the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center you will need to do so in the 1st floor breezeway near the @One, 2nd floor breezeway near the Atrium entrance to the Knowledge Center, or 2nd floor Rotunda of the Knowledge Center located directly across from Bytes Café.

Librarian helping a patron while both where face masks.

Ask us questions

Our team is here to help you keep up with the latest building policies. So if you have questions, please let us know, we are here to help!

You can talk to any of our team members at service desks. You can also call our Circulation Desk at (775) 682-5625

Stay Informed

The situation related to the coronavirus policies can change quickly. Make sure to check out the latest campus policies.

Latest Coronavirus Information