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The Makerspace @ DeLaMare Library
The DeLaMare Library offers access to 3D printers and scanners, laser and vinyl cutters, a PCB milling machine, soldering and sewing stations, hand tools and more.

Elevate our top-tier research and contributions

To become a leader in higher education, we must embrace our top-tier research, innovation, and entrepreneurship contributions. Working towards membership in AAU will better equip the University to transform the world.


Research and Instructional Services

Systematic review service helps researchers synthesize the literature

Evidence syntheses studies, which include systematic reviews, scoping reviews, and meta-analyses, are a special type of literature review. When done well, these studies can have a significant impact on furthering evidence-based research and practice. Librarians at the University supported these review authors throughout a project’s duration and have also served as team members and co-authors of literature review projects across the disciplines.

Carlos Ramirez-Reyes, data services coordinator, helps a student in the DeLaMare Maps Library.

DeLaMare Science and Engineering Library

Expanded data services provided support for research across campus

Recognizing the growing use of data in research across campus, the University Libraries expanded its Research Data Services team. This specialized team of experts provided consultations and instructional services for faculty and students on a wide range of data topics from data literacy to the processing, analysis, visualization, and management of data. The team has actively grown the data community on campus through events and trainings with an emphasis on GIS and R.

Exterior of the Prim Library.

Preserving the digital legacy of Sierra Nevada University

Teams from the Libraries played a key role in preserving virtual content, archiving thousands of web pages, that were taken offline as part of the acquisition of Sierra Nevada University by the University of Nevada, Reno.

Users who want to explore the five websites archived by the Libraries could do so in the Libraries' Digital Archive, ensuring SNU’s digital legacy is not lost.  

Students studying inside the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center.

University Libraries

Strategic planning for the Libraries’ future  

In support of the University’s 2023 - 2027 strategic plan, Wolf Pack Rising, the University Libraries began the process of creating its own strategic plan to clarify goals, prioritize day-to-day work and larger initiatives, and align Libraries goals to those of the University and users. The Libraries strategic plan is a living document informed by all members of the Libraries’ organization via learning and sharing opportunities. As the University plans to accomplish “audacious and inspiring” goals, the Libraries also seeks to continue its work providing innovative solutions and services that directly support the mission and vision of our campus and the dynamic and diverse members of our community.