Lendable technology

VR equipment, maker supplies, audio equipment, video cameras and other items can be checked out on a short-term basis at a variety of campus locations. There is no cost to check out equipment for students, faculty and staff with valid University IDs.


@One digital media equipment checkout

Open Monday – Friday 9 am - 5 pm

Looking for items to help you focus?

The University Libraries provide a variety of sensory processing tools that can help you stay focused and study.

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Noise cancelling headphones, light blocking glasses, and a fidget spinner.

Terms of use

  • Equipment check out to non-University entities such as clubs, community non-profit groups, or commercial entities is prohibited regardless of whether the person checking out the equipment falls under the student, faculty, or staff designation.
  • Persons checking out equipment are wholly responsible by recorded name for the care and well-being of the equipment. Evidence of rough handling or damage to the equipment could result in removal of check out privileges and/or fines equivalent to the replacement cost of the damaged equipment.
  • Because of the highly technical nature of some pieces of equipment, training may be required before check out is authorized.
  • Equipment may be removed at times from the general pool in support of class instruction and special projects.
  • When checking out limited equipment or during peak times of demand, prioritization is given to support of instructional-related projects and class assignments.
  • Users may be barred from access to equipment if they are found to be in violation of this policy.

Traveling internationally for research?

The @One's international laptop program offers loaners for research faculty travel. Loaners are required for faculty travel to high-security risk countries.

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A faculty member smiles at the Reno airport.