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Basque Studies
Iñaki Arrieta Baro
Iñaki Arrieta Baro
Librarian III, Head, Jon Bilbao Basque Library Basque Studies
(775) 682-5094
Jon Bilbao Basque Library
Community Health Sciences Social Work Psychology Library: Nutrition
Elena Azadbakht
Elena Azadbakht
Associate Professor, Health Sciences Librarian Kinesiology, Nutrition, Psychology, Public Health, Social Work
(775) 682-5654
2650 2667 2665 2661
History Gender, Race, and Identity English Language & Literature World Languages & Literatures Music English Composition Philosophy & Religion
Rosalind Bucy
Rosalind Bucy
Associate Professor, Humanities Librarian English Language & Literature, Gender, Race & Identity, History, Music, Philosophy & Religion, World Languages & Literatures
(775) 682-5098
2651 2644 2642 2672 2658 2641 2662
Computer Science & Engineering Engineering
Rebecca Glasgow
Rebecca Glasgow
Assistant Professor, Engineering and Fabrication Librarian Computer Science & Engineering, Engineering, Makerspace
(775) 682-5644
2636 2640
English Composition
Anakin Hendrix
Anakin Hendrix
Library Instructor Core Writing, Concurrent Enrollment, High School Visits
(775) 682-9100
Speech Pathology & Audiology Medicine
Terry Henner
Terry Henner
Head of Outreach Services - Savitt Medical Library Project Echo, Speech Pathology & Audiology, UNR Med Basic Sciences, UNR Med Clinical Research
(775) 682-7301
2670 2656
Physician Assistant Program Medicine Gerontology & Aging
Katie  Jefferson
Katie Jefferson
Head of Public Services and Library Liaison - Savitt Medical Library Physician Assistant Program, UNR Med Community Faculty, Renown Joint Faculty
(775) 682-7359
4548 2656 2648
Geographic Information Systems Geography Geological Sciences & Engineering Map Research Mining & Metallurgical Engineering
Chrissy Klenke
Chrissy Klenke
Librarian III, Earth Sciences, GIS, and Maps Librarian Geography, Geological Sciences and Engineering, Mining and Metallurgical Engineering
(775) 682-7371
2645 2646 2647 2654 2657
Alexander Lyubechansky
Alexander Lyubechansky
Clinical Librarian - Savitt Medical Library UNR Med Clinical Faculty, Residents, Fellows, M3-4 Medical Students, Satellite libraries at Renown and Moana
(775) 682-7339
Education & Human Development Art Theatre & Dance Anthropology
Ann Medaille
Ann Medaille, Ph.D.
Professor, Director of Research and Instructional Services Anthropology, Art, Education, Human Development and Family Studies, Theatre and Dance
(775) 682-5600
MIKC 214 K
2639 2629 2671 7107
Special Collections
Elspeth Olson
Elspeth Olson
Assistant Professor, Outreach and Public Services Archivist
(775) 682-6127
Data Services
Carlos Ramirez-Reyes
Carlos Ramirez-Reyes, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Data Services Coordinator Remote Sensing and GIS data, Reproducible data analysis and visualization in R
(775) 682-7378
Nursing Gerontology & Aging
Lara Katrina Schott
Lara Katrina Schott
Reference Librarian - Savitt Medical Library Nursing, Gerontology & Aging
(775) 682-6601
2660 2648
Political Science Sociology Scholarly Publishing, Open Access, and Copyright Social Psychology Journalism
Teresa Schultz
Teresa Schultz
Associate Professor, Scholarly Communications and Social Sciences Librarian Honors, Journalism, Political Science, Social Psychology, Sociology
(775) 682-5638
2664 2668 2666 3489 2652
Biology Neuroscience Government Information Library: Agriculture Library: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Library: Environment Chemistry Mathematics & Statistics Physics
Amy Shannon
Amy Shannon
Associate Professor, Life & Environmental Sciences Librarian Agriculture, Veterinary and Rangeland Sciences, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Statistics, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, Neuroscience, Physics, Undergraduate Research, Cooperative Extension and Research Station
(775) 682-6624
214 D
2632 2659 2649 2627 2631 2643 2634 2655 2663
Mary Shultz
Mary Shultz
Director - Savitt Medical Library M1-2 Medical Students, Medical Education & Administration
(775) 682-7313
Business Criminal Justice Economics Judicial Studies
Teddy Stocking
Teddy Stocking
Assistant Professor, Business Librarian Accounting, Business, Criminal Justice, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information Systems, International Business, Judicial Studies, Management, Marketing, Patents and Trademarks
(775) 682-5510
2633 2637 2638 2653
Communication Studies
Rayla Tokarz
Rayla Tokarz
Associate Professor, Collections Librarian Communication Studies
(775) 682-5698