Accessing course reserves

Course reserves make it easy for instructors to make supplemental readings and other materials available to their students. Instructors can put hard copies of textbooks, articles, DVDs, or other course materials at the circulation desk for students to check out, or upload online copies to their classes in WebCampus (Canvas). Online course reserves are accessible to students at any time. Physical course reserves will generally have a time constraint on the check-out period, from a few hours to a few days. Some may also have limitations on if you can take the copy out of the library building.

Course reserves in WebCampus

The easiest way to find both electronic and hard copy reserves for your classes is by using the link in your course in WebCampus (Canvas), if enabled by the instructor. When in the WebCampus page for your class, a “Course Reserves Advantage” link will appear in the menu on the left (or on the landing page on the mobile app). Clicking on that link will take you to the Course Reserves page for that class, where you can download any digital materials or see what is available to physically check out.

Searching for course reserves

You can also search for course reserves using Library Search. When searching from the Library’s main page, a gray drop-down menu appears next to the main search box. By default, it is set to search “in the University Libraries,” but you can click to change it to “Course Reserves” to only search for materials available through a course. You can also search directly from the Course Reserves page. Course reserves will have a purple icon of an instructor that says “Course” underneath the title in the results list.

Learn more about using course reserves as a faculty member or instructor.