Finding information about and accessing a specific journal

You can limit your research to just one journal at a time, or browse through a certain journal, by using the Journals link on the library homepage under the main search box. If you are looking for a specific journal, enter the journal title in the search box, or use the “Journals by category” filter to browse journals by subject area.

Some journals, especially older copies, are physical copies available to request through MARS. Most journals are available to browse online, though not all years or editions may be available. To access an online journal, click “Available online” under the title in the results list. Then select from among the full text availability options the coverage date(s) you want.

You can search within the journal directly from Library Search. Click on the title of the journal from Journal search, then scroll to “Search inside” and enter your keywords into the search box. You will be taken to a list of articles in Library Search that match your search. The search box functions the same way as the rest of Library Search, so all the same search tips apply.

Using BrowZine

You can also browse journals using BrowZine, a service provided by the University of Nevada, Reno Libraries and listed among the Libraries’ databases that lets you search for and read journals from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. To access BrowZine from your smartphone or tablet, download the BrowZine app from your app store. You can browse for journals by subject, or type the name of the journal or related subject into the search box.

Once you’ve selected a journal, you can browse for articles and select a title to read. If an article is not available online or in print, you can request it through Interlibrary Loan. Or, from a BrowZine article entry, click on the link to “Request this item and/or check additional sources.”

Need help getting started with Browzine? Watch the BrowZine user tutorial video or refer to the general BrowZine FAQ.

Finding information about a journal

Students and researchers often need to answer various questions about scholarly journals, such as whether it is peer reviewed and information about the journal’s editorial policy, submission policy, and scope and focus.

Ulrich’s International Periodicals Directory, or UlrichsWeb, is a library database that provides bibliographic and access information for newspapers, magazines, and journals published in the United States and internationally. It also distinguishes peer reviewed or refereed journals from popular magazines and trade journals.

Once in the Ulrich’s database, search for the title of a journal. In the search results, you should see the journal you’re interested in. Select the correct journal. There might be multiple versions of a journal with the same title. This is often the case when online and print versions exist, or the journal has changed publishers.

When you click on the journal title, check the description and make sure it relates to what your journal article is about. If you need to know whether the journal is peer reviewed, look for the term "refereed." You will see that you can find out a lot of other information about a journal, such as who publishes it, if it’s been published under other names, and links to its website.

It is also helpful to go directly to the journal's website for information about editorial and submission policies. It may be difficult to find submission information and editorial policies on the homepage for the journal; look for About, Contact, Instructions to Authors, Author Guidelines, or Contribute links.