@One Helpdesk

All items listed below can be checked out for the day by University of Nevada students, faculty, and staff on a first-come, first-served basis. The Helpdesk can be reached at 775-682-5696.

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Black Sony Headphones with padded earpieces


Black USB Headset with padded earpieces and a microphone

USB headset

Black portable DVD Player resting on its case.

DVD player

Black, red and blue wide tip dry erase markers resting on a black cloth.

Dry erase markers

Two black microphones.

Event microphones

Paired with MIKC 124, DMSC 110, and JTB 100.

Metal button maker with a red handle.

Button makers

Available in 1" and 2" size. Bags of 10, 50, or 100 buttons are available for purchase at the Production Desk.

Three calculators.


Available models: TI-84 Plus (Graphing); TI30XIIS (Scientific); BAII Plus (Financial).

Phone charging cords and two charging bricks.

Phone chargers

Available chargers: USB-A to USB-C; USB-C to USB-C; Macbook Chargers; Lightning Chargers; MicroUSB chargers

Terms of use

  • Late Fees: Apply to all equipment returned after due date and time.
  • Liability: Patrons checking out equipment assume full responsibility for the repair and/or replacement costs of items damaged or lost while in his/her possession.