Portrait of Nicolle Nellas.

Nicolle Nellas

Student Assistant, Building Operations Length of service: 4 years


Major: Bachelors in Management

Working in the Libraries

What has been your favorite thing about working in the Libraries?: My favorite park of working in the Libraries are my coworkers and the environment they create. It makes working at the Library fun and exciting.

Can you tell us about a favorite memory or job-related achievement from your time working here?: I think the biggest achievements or special memory is witnessing and going through different management and just overall growing with the Library. I started working my freshman year all the way till senior year, through Covid and all the wildfires.

What’s next for you?: My long term plans are to get into the event management field and being able to travel around the world and provide for my mom and allow her to retire early so she can relax and enjoy life.

From Jess, Nicolle’s supervisor: Nicolle has always been really reliable and understanding! She is easy to work with and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Nicolle stepped up to the lead position when we were in transition with new bosses for Building Operations. So far she is one of my most reliable leads and I'll be sad to lose her after this semester!