Intermediate Lighting

Training Suggested

Dracast LED Panel

  • Powered by battery or standard AC outlet.
  • Built-in color temperature adjustment dial.
Dracast LED 3-Light Kit

Dracast LED 3-Light Kit

  • Powered by battery or standard AC outlet.
  • Includes 3 x LED light panels, 3 x LED light stands, 3 x power cables.
  • Built-in color temperature adjustment dial.


  • Powered by battery or standard AC outlet
  • Comes with gel kit and C-47 lights
Sunpak LED

Sunpak LED

  • On-camera video light
  • Attaches to camera's shoe mount

Advanced Lighting

Training Required

Fluorescent Lighting Kit

  • 4 x 55W tubes
  • Daylight or tunsten balanced available.
  • Includes light, light stand, egg-crate (spill suppressor)

Lowel Tungsten 3-Point Lighting Kit

  • 750W Tota-lights
  • 500W Omni lights
  • Includes umbrellas and lighting gels.
  • Recommended for professional photo or video shoots.
Arri Kit

Arri 4-Light Fresnel Kit

  • 750W, 2x 650W, 300W
  • Comes with softbox, barn doors, scrims, gloves, C-47's
  • Recommended for professional photo or video shoots


  • Multipurpose stand primarily used on film sets to position flags, diffusion, boom pole holders, lights, etc.


Training Available

Backdrop Support Kit

  • Varying support lengths are capable up to 12'6"
  • Ideal for green screen or other cloth/paper backdrops
  • Clamps available upon request


  • 32" diameter (reversible).
  • White: Reflects light with natural-looking results.
  • Silver: Increases specular highlights, adsg more contrast. Ideal for shooting head-and-shoulder portraits.
  • Folds to almost 1/3 its open size. Easy to store, no batteries, no cords, works great outdoors.
Color Gel

Color Gel & Color Correction Pack

  • For use with Lowel Togo Tungsten lighting kits.
  • Packs available: (1) Color Correction = (CTB) daylight corrected, (CTO) studio corrected, ND filters, diffusion. (2) Color (Party) Gel = Use to artistically add interesting colors to ordinary sets.
Chromakey Screen

Chromakey Screen

  • Reversible green/blue backdrop for keying video or still photography.
    7'x5', collapsible.
Flag Kit

Flag Kit

  • 2 x 18" x 24" frames,
  • 4 x Fabrics: Black single-net scrim, black double-net scrim, solid black block, double-stop white silk.
  • 1 x 6" solid black dot, 1 x 14" solid black finger
  • C-Stand recommended for full functionality

Infrared Illuminator

  • For use with Sony A1U or other infrared night vision capable camera
  • Broadens infrared spectral beam for greater viewing area in dark
  • Battery powered
  • Attaches to camera's shoe mount


2 x Heavy-duty pony clamps used to secure various lighting peripherals, including the chroma key blue/green screen.

Extension Power Cable

25' - 12/3. Used with lighting kits or other electrical-based gear to extend reach to power sources.