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Is there a way to download an object?

Yes! Much of the content in the Digital Archive can be downloaded and used according to the rights spelled out for each object.

Downloading content

At the top-left corner of the image/item, look for a dotted square with scissors. Clicking on this will take you to a page with a persistent link, and options to print and download the image.

Screenshot from the digital archive with a red arrow pointing to the clipping tool where a user can start the download process.
A screenshot showing the location of the clipping tool.

How do I cite an object?

To cite the item, find out more about it, or look for similar topics, check out the shaded area below the image.

 The metadata block from an object in the Digital Archive showing the information about an image.
Typical detailed metadata for an image.

What does the metadata tell me?

This metadata block is where you’ll find detailed information about the item and the digital copy. Most of the time, everything we know about an individual image can be found documented here. If you need something scanned at a higher resolution, please contact our team using the help form.

Need some additional assistance?

There are some questions that just need a little extra attention. Maybe you would you like to ask a question, report an issue, request accessibility assistance, or inquire about re-use of materials

In those cases we encourage you to reach out using our online form. Once you submit your question a member of the Digital Archive Team will follow up with you to help resolve the issue or direct you to someone who can.

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