Audio equipment


Sennheiser Wireless LAV with two black receivers that have gold colored screens and antennas with three cables

Sennheiser Wireless LAV (Lapel) Microphone Kit

  • Transmitter & receiver.
  • Wireless clip-on mic.
Two black cylindrical Sony Microphones on a white background

Sony ECM-AW4 Microphone

  • 3.5mm mini-jack microphone input for most consumer and DSLR camcorders.
  • Simple to use for classroom lectures or workshop group recordings.
  • The mic has a range of up to 150 feet.
Black Wireless Transmitter box

Wireless Plug-on Transmitter

  • Turn any XLR mic wireless.
  • For use with a Sennheiser lavalier recorder. Affixes to the XLR input of any audio device.
Shotgun Mic Boom Kit including black fuzzy microphone cover, microphone, a stick for holding the microphone, and cables

Shotgun Mic Boom Kit

  • Comes with shotgun mic, boom pole, shock mount, windsock, XLR cable, carry bag.
Silver Shure Beta microphone

Shure Beta 58A

  • Universal dynamic handheld mic.
  • XLR output.
Gold colored MXL 007 USB Mic on a stand with a wire and carrying case

MXL 007 USB Mic

  • Useful for video conference calls or voice-over recording via computer.
  • Connects to USB A port.
Black circular flat Boundary PZM Mic with cable

Boundary PZM Mic

  • Used for group audio recordings in conference room settings.
  • Place on table top and capture audio from all directions.
Grey triangle-shaped Polycom soundstation with dialing buttons and speaker

Polycom Soundstation

  • Used for multiple people that need to listen and/or communicate to other sites via phone line.
  • Works like a normal phone; has additional mics for larger groups.
  • Analog unit only; does not work over ethernet (digital IP).

Recording equipment

Zoom recorder with digital screen, two silver microphones on the top, and buttons to select forward, reverse, stop, play, and record with other functions

Zoom H4N / H5N Recorder

  • Records up to 4 channels simultaneously (2 built-in, 2 external).
  • Inputs: 2 x XLR, 2 x 1/4" Aux, 1 x 1/8" (3.5mm) Aux.
  • Records in WAV or MP3.
  • Includes SD card.
Roland Edirol Recorder with microphones at the top, a screen with recording information, and buttons to toggle play, pause, stop, fast forward, and reverse

Edirol Recorder

  • Long battery life and record times.
  • Records in WAV or MP3.
  • Includes SD card.
Blue single Cassette Player with black tape deck and cords

Cassette Player/ Recorder

  • Can play or record standard audio cassette tapes.


Denon Audio Commander with top hand grip, blue screen, and buttons

Denon Audio Commander

  • Up to two wireless mics upon request (one wireless mic included).
  • Two wired mic inputs
  • Plays audio via 3.5 mm auxiliary input, Bluetooth, USB, or SD card.
  • Battery-powered.
Subwoofer with sound controls and two computer speakers with cords

Computer Speakers

  • Connects via 3.5 mm aux input.
PA Stand with three folding legs

Speaker/ PA Stand

  • For use with Mipro and Denon Audio Commander speakers.
Fender Portable Speaker with hand grip and single front facing speaker

Fender Portable PA System w/ Wireless Lav

  • Mini portable sound system.
  • 1 x wireless receiver
  • Headset / lavalier input.
  • Plays audio video 3.5 mm auxiliary input.

Audio accessories

Sony Headphones with padded earmuffs and cord

Sony MDR-7506 Headphones

  • Headphone splitter available for multiple users.
  • Connects via 3.5 mm auxiliary input (headphone jack).
  • Option for headset with microphone (connects via USB).
Press Box with audio inputs and 12 XLR outputs on the top

Pressmite Active Press Box

  • Primarily used for press conferences.
  • One audio input delivered to 12 XLR outputs.
XLR Cable wound in a loop on white background

XLR CABLE (for mic/speakers)

  • Varying lengths (20ft - 100ft).
Tall mic stand with three folding legs and one adjustable chrome arm

Mic Stand

  • Stand w/ boom arm
Black and silver boom pole holder with three gripping arms

Boom Pole Holder

  • Holds boom pole for stationary interview sessions.
  • Can also attach to C-stand.