Close up of Nevada Writers Hall of Fame medal

A. Wilber Stevens

1992 Nevada Writers Hall of Fame Inductee


A. Wilber Stevens was born in Brooklyn, New York, on August 16, 1921, and is considered one of Nevada's finest and most influential poets. His poetry, which was published in many small literature magazines, goes to places even the most unfamiliar reader understands: the late-night desperation seen in city faces and long laments on the slowly disappearing western landscape. He was respected as a poet, editor, scholar and professor of English at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He served as Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Language Association in 1972 and also taught literature at universities in Idaho, Thailand, Burma, and Brazil. He was the founding editor of Interim, a poetry and fiction journal, and was a long-time drama critic for the Las Vegas Review-Journal. He also was a reviewer for Billboard magazine. After retiring in 1994, he died in Las Vegas in 1996.