Making or Ordering Copies of Materials in the Archives

Special Collections and University Archives items do not leave the department, but most items can be copied using the self-service scanner or with staff assistance. Procedures and fees vary by types of material and the intended use.

Reproduction Order Form

Permission to Publish Form

Reproduction Policies

  • Special Collections and University Archives will determine whether or not an item may be copied.
  • Submit a permission to publish request form for commercial use of archival materials owned by the department.
  • Self-service options are free. Staff assistance is also available.
  • Most orders take 3-5 business days to be delivered. Oversize images and large orders may take more time.
  • Any fees must be paid in full before delivery.
  • Invoices and payment information are sent via email; cash, card, and check are accepted.

Procedures and Fees


COST: Free

Special Collections and University Archives has an overhead scanner for public use in the reading room. It can scan images and manuscripts (excluding oversized items) at 600 dpi and send them via email and flash drive.

Cameras are allowed in the Reading Room for research purposes; please ask about policies and procedures at the reference desk.

Many materials are available for free download in our Digital Archive or through our Photo Database.

Submit the permission to publish request form (link at top of page) for use of materials in publications, films, and on the web. Follow the instructions for crediting the department.


COST: $12+

Staff assisted scanning is always free to users with disability-related needs.

Use the reproduction order form (link at top of page) to request digital copies of materials. You will receive a confirmation and/or invoice shortly after submitting an order. After any fees are paid, digital copies will be transferred via our file transfer system (UNR Box). You will receive an email message with instructions.

Photocopies: $0.10 per page.

For personal and research use only, not for use in publication, broadcasts, public display, or on websites. In the reading room are forms for requesting copies of 1) pages or sections of books and 2) papers in manuscript collections. Photographs must be scanned rather than photocopied for preservation reasons.

High-resolution digital copies: free or $12.00/item

Digital files of photographs, documents, maps, or architectural drawings are available in either TIFF, JPG, or PDF format at up to 600 dpi (other resolutions may be available upon request).

Some of our materials are available online for free download already. Please check our digital archive or our photo database before placing your order.

  • Reproductions of 10 items are free-of-charge per every 6 months
  • $12.00 per item after 10 item limit has been reached

Audio and video files: Price varies

Digital files will be provided in MP3 (audio) or MP4 (video) files through file transfer or on CD or DVD.

Some of our materials are available online for free download already. Please check our digital archive before placing your order.

  • Service price is dependent on project.
  • Consultation is required and estimate will be given at that time.

Other Fees

Online delivery via web/file transfer service Free
CD/DVD delivery Add $1.00 per CD/DVD
Shipping and handling Add $6.00 minimum (may increase for large orders)
Research $25.00 per hour of research taking more than 30 minutes, no pro-rata
Processing and Preparation $12.00 per hour for any photocopying scanning that requires more than 30 minutes of staff time