Clouds Illumined in Gold

Entry transcript

[The northern horizon of our bay is covered by rows of lenticular] and alto-cumulus clouds illumined in gold, while the summits of the highest peaks across the bay are touched with rosy sunlight. The hues of the general cloud background vary thru the gradations of blue and heliotrope to pearl gray. We are now slightly below the Circle but the mountain tops will hold the sun.

Midnight. The sunset is now even more golden – a ruddy golden which turns the upper faces of the alto-cumulus clouds to ruddy silver, The southern clouds are now touched with pink and the top of our near by peak is still touched with light. The golden alto-cumulus bars would well symbolize Jacob’s Ladder, attempted by the Old Masters in too personal a way. The cosmic setting in its natural glory and simplicity far transcends in power the human.

No color plates available. So this must be added to the list of “Pictures we did not Get and can not Forget.”

Greenland expedition diaries: volume 1, James Edward Church Papers, NC96_13_3_1, p. 114.