Technology and support

The University Libraries has both the gear and the expertise to support your event’s audio-visual needs.  We have lendable technology available for check out and more complex solutions that can be requested.   

When you share details about the audience size, venue, and format of your event, we’re better able to make A/V recommendations that will help make your event successful. 

  • Do you have one speaker or a panel of speakers? 
  • Does your event include a live question and answer session that would benefit from mobile handheld mics? 
  • Do you need a monitor or projector to share slides or videos? 
  • Will your event require a streaming option? 
  • How big is your audience? 
  • What is your venue? 

Audio-visual technology options

Two students by the lendable technology help desk in the @One.

If your event is small to medium sized, the @One has several A/V options available. Lendable technology, ranging from projectors to portable PA systems (and everything in between) is available for no charge to any campus community member with a Net ID.

Our expert staff is standing by to show you how to set up and use any of our lendable technology.

Items can be reserved in person at the @One (first floor of the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center), or via phone.  For more information about checkout periods and to reserve equipment, please contact the @One at 775-784-4924. 

Large-scale events

For larger events with more complex audio-visual requirements, we have a small but mighty team of experts.  We can provide recommendations, train your staff to set up and run equipment, and in some cases, assist with the audio-visual management of your event.  We try to accommodate all requests, but please be aware that technology reservations and staff bookings are on a first come, first served basis.  If you would like to discuss your event with one of our experts or request audio-visual support and equipment for your event, please reach out to Ryan Nichols, @One events and production manager. 


If you are planning to record your event and post it to your webpage or social media (including Vimeo and YouTube), your recording will need to be captioned to meet accessibility standards.   

If you are planning a virtual event, Zoom and Teams both have auto captioning capabilities. 

For live events, you may need to hire a live captioning service.  Both of these companies have experience with events on our campus: 

For captioning of a recording, Rev provides a quick and affordable solution.