Guidelines and limitations

Getting the design right

A successful sign or poster is not only visually pleasing – but one that is able to quickly and easily convey its message to the reader.

  • Use a visual hierachy to guide the reader through the content
  • Make sure the design can be easily readable from four feet away
  • Include the highest quality images and graphics

Finding the right place to print

Alternative printing vendors

Staying on brand

Brand Standards and Print Releases

If using the University Block N logo in your design, please check that it aligns with the brand standards that have been outlined by the Office of Marketing and Communications.

A print release from MarCom is required for any orders over $50. Please submit requests at least 5 days prior to printing, so that Marketing and Communications with have time to review your project for brand compliance.

Promotion of Non-University Entities

Please be aware that due to the way our printers have been funded, the @One Production Desk is typically unable to print promotional materials for non-UNR organizations or for monetary gain – with the exception of when that order is paid for with UNR funds (i.e. a PCard or Worktag). If your order includes outside organizations or monetary information, please either arrange to pay with UNR funds or request a supervisor at the time of order to explain that this is for UNR 150th Celebrations.