• On October 24th, Clarence H. Mackay dedicated Mackay Science Hall and presented it to the University.
  • Theodore H. Miller, the first African-American graduate of the University, completed a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.


  • Clarence H. Mackay purchased and donated nearly 27 acres of adjacent land, increasing the campus footprint by nearly 50%.
  • University enrollment surpassed 1000 students for the first time.


  • The Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools accredited the University.
  • Max C. Fleischmann initiated the then-largest giving program in University history, including scholarships for Native-American students.
  • President Clark resigned on September 30th.


  • The administration of President Leon W. Hartman began with a formal inauguration on December 15th after serving as interim president for more than a year. He was the University’s 6th president.
  • Campus held the first Winter Carnival.


  • The state legislature authorized a bond issue to construct a new gymnasium.
  • Commencement ceremonies included celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the graduation of the University's first four-year class.


  • After no major capital improvements for 30 years, the University constructed a new engineering facility, later named the Stanley Palmer Engineering Building.
  • The University’s war effort included the development of additional special summer session offerings.


  • The Army and Army Air Force training contingents arrived at the University.
  • President Hartman died in office on August 27th.


  • The University celebrated the inauguration of John O. Moseley as its 7th president on October 12th.


  • The University canceled a football game at Mississippi State when its state athletic director requested that Nevada play without African-American players.


  • The Twentieth Century Fox filmed Apartment for Peggy on campus, one of several movies shot on University grounds during the 1940s.


  • Gilbert E. Parker became acting president on July 1st after the resignation of John Mosely.


  • On June 10th and 11th, the University celebrated the inauguration of Malcolm A. Love as its 8th president.
  • One full-time and two-part University instructors began offering classes in Las Vegas. A total of 38 students enrolled.


  • Stella Mason Parson became the first African American woman graduate, with a Bachelor of Arts in English.


  • On June 8th, the University celebrated the inauguration of Minard W. Stout as the 9th president.


  • The University established a Nevada Southern branch in Las Vegas with 269 students.


  • The legislature funded a new building to support business education. The building was named for Silas E. Ross, a former regent who served for 25 years.


  • The first Las Vegas campus building opened.
  • Students began taking classes in the Orvis School of Nursing, which received funding from Arthur E. and Mae Zenke Orvis.


  • Construction concluded on Jot Travis Student Union, which alumni helped to fund.


  • The University established the Desert Research Institute.
  • On April 19th, the University celebrated the inauguration of Charles J. Armstrong as the 10th president.
Portrait of Max C. Fleischmann.
Max C. Fleischmann
Special Collections and University Archives Photograph Collection, UNRS-P1032-1.

Portrait of Leon Hartman.
University President Leon W. Hartman, 1940
Special Collections and University Archives Photograph Collection, UNRA-P1424-1.

The south entrance of the Virginia Street Gymnasium with a car parked near the entrance.
Virginia Street Gymnasium, ca. 1955
Special Collections and University Archives Photograph Collection, UNRA-P2055-1.

John O. Moseley, left, shakes hands with a man in academic attire.
University President John Moseley, 1944
Special Collections and University Archives Photograph Collection, UNRA-P462-1.

Minard W. Stout, President of the University of Nevada from 1952-1957, poses for a formal portrait.
University President Minard W. Stout, 1952
Special Collections and University Archives Photograph Collection, UNRA-P683-1.

Students walk along the walkway near the Jot Travis Student Union. Peavine Peak and the old cemetery are visible in the background.
Jot Travis Student Union, 1958
Special Collections and University Archives Photograph Collection, UNRA-P2048-1.