@One specialty spaces policies and rules of conduct

Rules of conduct

The @One cultivates an atmosphere of creativity and inclusivity, welcoming individuals of all skill levels. Embracing our community guidelines is essential in fostering a positive culture and ensuring the well-being of every participant. Your presence is the driving force behind our vibrant community, and we sincerely value your efforts in creating a positive and enriching experience for everyone involved.

@One community guidelines

All Members of the @One community must follow the following rules.

  • Members will respect our staff members by acknowledging that they have final say on what is permissible inside the space.
  • Members will maintain an inclusive environment and respect fellow patrons. We do not tolerate harassment of participants in any form.
  • Members will respect our spaces by leaving workstations cleaner than they found them
  • Members understand they are responsible for all guests within a space
  • Members will use only the equipment that they have been trained on and ask for help if they are unsure on how to operate a piece of equipment or tool
  • In accordance with our mission to support academic excellence, the use of our resources for academic research and class assignments will take priority over individual creative projects
  • The @One is not responsible for any items left behind in the space
  • Children and service animals must always be accompanied by an adult at all times
  • Access to the any Specialty Room is a privilege which can and will be revoked if members do not follow the policies, procedures, and expectations of the space
  • @One equipment and services cannot be used for any unlawful purpose. Members assume all responsibility for compliance with local, university, state, and federal policies and laws, including those laws addressing weapons and intellectual property infringement
  • These rules may be periodically amended, and it is each Member’s responsibility to stay abreast of such changes.
    We are a teaching library and aim to provide each user the tools to gain the skills to be self-sufficient patrons. Multimedia consultations are designed to help you get started and are not are placement for semester long courses or self-guided learning

Specialty rooms user policy

This applies to the Sound Studio, Mastering Suite, Podcast Suite & Self-Serve Studio.

  • Members will not share reservation privileges with patrons who have not gotten proper training or consultations for specialty spaces
  • Only current students and staff can use the @One Specialty Rooms
  • Users can only reserve and use one room or service at a time
  • Exceptions can be made at request but are never guaranteed
  • The @One reserves the right to extend or reduce session length at its discretion
  • Requires completion of Canvas module OR a one-time consultation Dynamic Media Lab Manager
  • Food is not permitted inside the room(s)
  • Person who made the reservation is responsible for guests within room
  • Must prove reservation through email confirmation
  • Must have wolf card at time of reservation
  • Do not leave the door propped open
  • Leave room in a good condition