Poster printing policies


The primary clientele of the @One poster printing service is University of Nevada Reno students, faculty, and staff printing one-off posters for scholarly activities such as homework assignments, professional conference poster sessions, and college or department show-and-tell presentations. An important but secondary clientele is departments, colleges, and university organizations requesting batch promotional print jobs (a batch job is defined as any request for more than 5 copies of a single print).


To assure that we meet the needs of our primary clientele in a timely manner the following guidelines are established:

  • Poster requests from primary clientele have top priority; these requests will be filled within 24 business hours, following payment and receipt of the poster print file;
  • @One staff does not create, re-size, spot-check, or spell-check for errors, or otherwise edit, posters – that is the responsibility of the customer. @One staff will assist customers in some aspects of poster creation, such as technical creation advice, advice regarding which software to use, and some basic instruction on using the software;
  • Orders should be picked up within 3 business days. Unclaimed orders after that time may be recycled or thrown away, with no refund or reprint given.
  • @One Printing closes one-half hour before the building closes. No orders are taken within one-half hour of closing;
  • Payment for poster printing is due when the job is requested, and can be paid in Wolfbucks, debit or credit card. We no longer accept Internal Purchase Orders (IPO’s) or cash. An estimate is just that, until a final ticket has been generated for immediate payment;
  • Customers requesting that a poster be reprinted owing to errors that are a consequence of their work - such as typos, color out of gamut, pixilation, ‘darker than expected’, etc. - will need to pay for the reprint. Keep in mind that all images will print darker than what is viewed on the computer screen. If color shade/gamut is particularly important to you, let us know during the ordering process;
  • Posters will be reprinted at no charge if errors occur from @One staff or equipment;
  • hile batch jobs will be completed expediently, entities are strongly encouraged to submit print files for batch jobs well in advance of the date they are needed. Plan for one day of processing for every for every 5 images submitted. Ie, 30 images may take up to 6 business days to complete.
  • @One does not print materials intended to promote non-University of Nevada, Reno organizations, or for monetary gain. We will not print images with a copyright;
  • @One printing services are restricted to people with an active University of Nevada, Reno NetID account.