Study carrel policies

Admission to the faculty and graduate reserved studies suites is controlled by a card-key reader system, faculty and graduate students will need their university ID (WolfCard) to be authorized to enter faculty and graduate reserved studies (suite 421) and/or Pillsbury Graduate Quiet Study (suite 500).

Card activation

WolfCard (key-card) activation is needed to enter the rooms. To activate the card, submit an online request or visit the Libraries Administration Office on the 5th floor of the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center (MIKC), suite 513, during regular business hours to activate your WolfCard.

Pricing: $50.00 deposit will be charged for the individual Study Carrel.

Return carrel/key: If the key is not returned to the Libraries Administration Office at the end of the designated assignment period, the deposit will be forfeited.

To schedule an appointment call the Library Administration office at (775) 682-5684. Please allow 15 minutes for the appointment.

Carrel assignment priorities

Study Carrels, located in room 421 on the 4th floor of the MIKC, are reserved for use by faculty and graduate students on a priority needs basis. There are 24 study carrels, up to 16 studies will be reserved for current faculty, and one study is reserved for short term (1 - 4 months maximum) use. Due to high demand, the wait for an individual carrel may be a year or more. Assignments will be made according to the following priorities:

  • Untenured professors, on the tenure-track, requiring extensive use of library print collections
  • Tenured faculty on sabbatical engaged in research requiring extensive use of library print collections
  • Doctoral candidates, currently enrolled at the University of Nevada, Reno, writing dissertations requiring extensive use of library print collections
  • Postdoctoral
  • Tenured faculty working on book projects that require sustained library use
  • Emeritus faculty and visiting scholars whose work requires sustained use of library materials


Study Carrel assignments are for one academic year, July 1st - May 31st. The assignment may be revoked for insufficient use (be sure to use your WolfCard). Study occupants who will be away from Reno, NV for a semester in the midst of a research project (research fellowship, teaching abroad, etc.) must surrender the study for the semester.

Return Carrel Key: Study Carrel must be cleaned out and reported to the Libraries Administration Office, 5th floor, suite 513, at the end of the designated assignment period. The $50.00 deposit will be refunded in exchange for the key, if not the $50.00 deposit will be forfeited. Any property left in the carrel will be disposed of after June 15th.

  • Waitlist candidates are re-prioritized each year.
  • Study Carrel occupants who will be away from Reno for a semester in the midst of a research project (research fellowship, teaching abroad, etc.) must surrender the Study Carrel for the semester.
  • Power and wireless are available in each study for use of a laptop.
  • Knowledge Center staff will not open a study for any person other than the one to whom the key was originally issued.
  • Read the rules for the use of private studies and lockers, below.


  • Faculty and graduate reserved studies (suite 421) is a Quiet Zone. Group study is not allowed in this area.
  • All library materials in the studies must be properly checked out at the Library Services or other appropriate service desk. Knowledge Center staff will inspect the studies and lockers periodically, and any uncharged or non-circulating materials will be removed and returned to the book stacks. The inhabitant will receive a notice that uncharged material was found in the study. Subsequent violations will result in loss of privileges.
  • Drink and food may be consumed in the study but must be discarded when leaving. Do not store food in studies or lockers. Do not leave food waste in trash cans.
  • Smoking and tobacco products are strictly prohibited. Violations will result in the loss of the study assignment.
  • The studies are not cleaned on a regular basis, but custodial staff empty trash cans periodically.
  • Electrical items, such as coffee pots, hot plates, and space heaters, are prohibited. If such items are found, they will be removed by Knowledge Center staff and the study assignment will be revoked.
  • No Knowledge Center furniture or equipment should be moved from or to a Study Carrel.
  • Do not leave valuables in studies or lockers. The Knowledge Center is not responsible for personal property left in the studies.
  • Report damage to the furniture, repairs, replacements of light bulbs, or other problems to Libraries Administration Office. 775-682-5684 or
  • Study Carrels are not sound proof. Please be considerate of others. Set cell phones to vibrate and limit conversations.
  • Do not cover study windows. Windows will be treated with a translucent film covering. Please do not tape additional paper to the doors.
  • Items left in a study after the expiration date will be removed and will be disposed of after June 15th.