Scholarly communication


As a researcher, you face challenges both in the publication process and in establishing and quantifying your professional identify and the impact of your work. This guide is designed to help better understand and manage the scholarly communication process and raise your research visibility. Why is this important?

Raising the visibility of your research increases the chances of it being discovered, accessed, used and cited. In short,  it increases the influence and impact of your research. Quantifying your research impact can be critical in supporting activities such as grant and job applications, academic promotion, and cementing your scholarly reputation.

The resources in this guide will assist in measuring the impact of your research publications; identifying the most appropriate publishing venues; keeping up with emerging alternative publishing models; understanding copyright compliance issues and your rights as an author; and complying with obligations of public access mandates under federal legislation to contribute to open access repositories.

For consultation regarding the scholarly communication process, contact:

Terry Henner
Head of Outreach Services
Savitt Medical Library
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