Savitt wellness room

Reserving the room

We invite you to give it a try.  You can make a reservation by calling 784-4625 or email us at  Or, you can just drop by.


Much of the Wellness Room project was made possible by external funding through a grant administered by the Nevada State Library, Archives and Public Records.



In the Wellness Room, you will find a recliner, air filtration machine, sound machine as well as numerous stress-relief gadgets.

Books and magazines

We have created a collection of books covering resilience, relaxation, mindfulness, fitness, and nutrition. 


Our list of resources focuses on local assistance for mental health and wellness as well as assistance for food and housing security.

Learn more about the gadgets and reading materials

Explore the available resources

Below we have included a selection of resources for assistance related to mental health and wellness. You will also find information about support with food and/or housing insecurity.