Pandemic Photography project

Two students shit close together talking in front of Manzanita Hall and Manzanita Lake, 2000
The Space Between Us

Safety Precautions of a New Norm

Black and white photograph of a building with written text below that reads "Lincoln Hall"
Lincoln Hall

Two World Wars, Two Global Pandemics, 30 Presidential Elections, and much more.

Black and white  photograph of a man wearing sunglasses and laying on top of a white car, 1979
The Difference Between Past and Present: Pandemic Edition

The truth behind how society perceives the world brought to you by a recreated image

A student laying on a grass in front of a library building
Pandemic Photograph Project

Campus Then and Now

Image of a staircase
University of Nevada, Reno: Steps Through Time

How a Staircase has Changed Physically and Socially

Two University of Nevada, Reno cheerleaders are balanced in the air as a roaring football crowd looks on.
Alone in a room: The Effects of the Pandemic on University Social Life

Life Before a Pandemic

Black and white image of a man cleaning the Clarence Mackay statue in 1979
Pandemic Photograph Project: Mackay Statue

The world today illustrates how our society has dramatically changed because of a viral pandemic.

Students are standing under the Mackay Stadium entrance arch, mimicking a similar photo that was taken a century ago
Pandemic Photographs

Comparing Then and Now Through the Lens of the Coronavirus

Black and white image of men in football uniform chasing another player holding the ball.
2020: A New Normal of a National Past-time

Football attendance then and now during a global pandemic

Partial aerial view of the rather empty Mackay Stadium during a game in October 2020
Pandemic Photograph Project: Mackay Stadium

How COVID-19 Has Affected College Sports

Photo of lone student looking at phone waiting outside the temporary dining hall on the Jot Travis Student Union Lawn
Jot Travis Building: Then and Now

Social Suffering and the Unintended Consequences of Life on Campus During a Pandemic

Exterior photo of the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center
The University of Nevada, Reno’s Knowledge Center: Before & During the Pandemic

Exploring what the University of Nevada Reno’s campus library looks like now in 2020, during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic; compared to in 2010, 2 years after its official opening.

The author, standing at the base of the Reno Arch, surrounded by empty streets during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Pandemic and Isolation

The contrast between festive university events and community isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic