Finding peer-reviewed articles

Peer-reviewed articles are evaluated by other scholars or experts within the same field. You can limit your search to peer-reviewed articles in OneSearch (the library's search engine) and many library databases.

Limiting to peer-reviewed articles in Library Search

In OneSearch you can refine your results to peer-reviewed articles by selecting the options for Peer-reviewed Journals and Articles

Screenshot of filter options in Library Search. The "Peer-reviewed Journals" and "Articles" options are enclosed in red rectangles to show their locations. They also have filled checkboxes next to their names, which indicates these options have been selected. The other options listed under the “Availability” filter are "Available Online," "Open Access," "Held by Library." Under the "Resource Type" filter are additional options which include: "Reviews," "Dissertations," "Book Chapters,” "Show More," and “Newspapers search.”

Limiting to peer-reviewed articles in databases

In many databases you can select an option to limit your search results to peer-reviewed articles.

Screenshot of limiters available in a database. Under the title "Limit to" are two options: "Open Access items only" and "Peer reviewed publications." In this screenshot, "Peer reviewed publications" is enclosed in a red rectangle to indicate its location on the database search page. There is also a checkbox with a checkmark in it preceding the option "Peer reviewed publications."