Application details for the OER Grant

Application form

View the OER grant application form


Potential applicants can learn more about OER and the program by viewing a recording of last year’s informational webinar:

View a recording of the Webinar

You can also learn more at our Affordable and Open Educational Resources guide. Applicants may also contact Social Sciences Librarian Teresa Schultz at with any remaining questions.

Application form content

The web form will ask applicants to submit information including:

  • Applicant name
  • Applicant rank/position/department
  • Names and positions of other project partners
  • Approval of funding plan from the unit head. Do you have your chair’s or dean’s approval? (Y/N)
  • Course information:
    • course name,
    • number, section/s,
    • average enrollment (please indicate either total enrollment or per section),
      semester/s offered
  • Information on the current textbook (if any):
    • title
    • cost
    • ISBN or URL
  • Have you passed the University’s basic web accessibility course? (Y/N)
  • Provide a short example of something you developed for a class that you thought succeeded in engaging students.
  • Have you met with a librarian about possible OER for your course? (Y/N)
  • Have you searched for possible OER for your course on your own? (Y/N)
  • A narrative OER plan stating your plan to use an OER in this course. Explicitly:
    • Do you plan to adopt an existing open educational resource or adapt existing materials? 
    • What type of content do you anticipate including?
    • For possible OERs you have already identified, please include links to them (optional).
    • Is the proposed OER central or peripheral to the course? (Is it the primary resource or ancillary?)
    • What problems do you anticipate? (e.g., will students be challenged to access the resources, are there time constraints or technology barriers, etc.)
    • What are your anticipated outcomes for your class through using an OER? These might include increased student engagement or better acquisition of SLOs due to targeted content. How will you know they were achieved?