Tabling and donation bin policies

Tabling rules

  • No more than 2 six-foot tables for an event
  • Be respectful of others using the building, this includes not impeding foot traffic through the breezeway; no shouting, aggressive behavior, loud music or soliciting patrons inside the library proper
  • A maximum of three reservations can be made at one time
  • Groups must clean their table and area
  • Posters may not be hung on the walls
  • Student clubs or organizations are required to submit a SEAB form.

Donation bins (breezeway)

The MIKC has two spaces available for donation bins by the sliding glass doors in the breezeway and the DLM Library has one space available at its north entrance.

The minimum height of a bin is two feet tall. Bins must be emptied on a regular basis. If you would like to reserve one of the spaces in the MIKC or DLM, submit a request using PackLife.

Labeling bin expectations

Bin must have two clear labels (front & side) with the following information:

Front label

  1. Name of responsible club/ department,
  2. Charitable Organization (Agency),
  3. List of items to be collected.

Side label

  1. Name of responsive contact,
  2. Name, number, or email of that person(s), 
  3. Date/time bin was dropped off and expected pick-up date/time.