Requesting Items from MARS

What Materials are in MARS?

The basic parameters for what is housed in the automated retrieval system are:

  • Books published before 1995 that have been checked out 7 or fewer times in the last 20 years.
  • Journals that are older than 1 year (1 full year, plus the current year will be kept in browsing stacks).
  • The Permanent Reserve Collection from Getchell.
  • Most of the Special Collections.
  • Most of the government documents.

Excluded from inclusion in MARS are:

  • Pictorial works (books with lots of pictures) in call number ranges N, TR, and TT (art and photography.)
  • Books in call number range F836-F850 (Nevada History)
  • Music scores
  • Certain individual journal and reference titles to be determined by subject specialists and our knowledgeable users.
  • Most of the high use and Nevada-related government documents
  • Other high use materials

Fictional literature is subjected to a different standard:  Books in the literature areas checked out 5 or fewer times and published before 1980 are subject to inclusion in MARS.

How do I get things from MARS?

You can request books from MARS through our catalog by selecting the request from MARS link. MARS requests usually take 10-15 minutes to be ready at the Library Services Desk at the Knowledge Center. 

Once you hit the request from MARS link you will be prompted for your NetID and password. If you do not have a NetID and password you can use your Community Borrower barcode number along with your last name to request a book from MARS. 

Pick up your requested materials at the Library Services Desk at the Knowledge Center.