Event Spaces at the University Libraries

Event Space Details


The Rotunda is a round event space on the 2nd floor of the Knowledge Center with many exterior-facing windows. It is separate from the Library proper and is ideal for many types of events from recitals to large group meetings.


  • Maximum capacity is 134 (Theater Style and Standing)
  • Maximum capacity seated dining is 70
  • We do not move furniture out of the room
  • Permission to use the piano is granted by the Music Department
  • The lights cannot be adjusted
  • No audio visual available
  • ASUN recognized student club or organizations must submit an event request using Pack Life.

Event Resources

  • Technology: Equipment can be checked out from the @One Digital Media checkout, call (775) 784-4924 or use our 42-inch TV screen from building operations.
  • Furniture: There are 6 square four-person tables, 5 small round bistro tables, 34 black wooden chairs, 2 trashcans, and 1 grand piano.
  • Additional (self-serve) technology is available in the @One, 1st floor of the Knowledge Center, call (775) 784-4924.
  • Additional room configurations available
  • Questions, email the event coordinators at KCSEAB@unr.edu.

Wells Fargo Auditorium and Lobby Space

The Wells Fargo Auditorium may be used by University affiliated groups for the following purposes:

  • Cultural events such as lectures, videos, broadcasts, and performances
  • Academic programs sponsored by university departments and organizations
  • University business such as workshops, administrative forums, and ceremonies
  • Events sponsored by student organizations that are registered with the ASUN or GSA Student Activities Offices

The auditorium is not available for non-University sponsored groups, regular classes after 5:30 p.m., or on-going regularly scheduled meetings.

Auditorium Equipment

Sound and A/V in the auditorium or use of other equipment, for any purpose but screening videos, must be approved by an Event Technology specialist. Special Event organizers should contact the Event Technology Coordinator, Michelle Rebaleati, at mrebaleati@unr.edu if you require sound or projection outside of the standard teaching podium already available in the auditorium.

Food and Drink

Food and drink are not allowed in the auditorium. For special events, lobby space outside of the auditorium may be scheduled for concessions and other activities. Catering arrangements are the responsibility of the event organizer.


The auditorium is cleaned daily Monday through Friday. Weekend custodial support is provided only by special arrangement. Those scheduling weekend events will be required to contact Libraries Administration Office at (775) 682-5684 or LibraryAdmin@unr.edu at least five business days in advance of a scheduled weekend event to arrange for cleaning. There will be a custodial support weekend charge, a minimum of two hours.

Lobby Space

Lobby space outside of the auditorium may be scheduled in conjunction with the auditorium space. The lobby space may be used for registration tables, catering, or similar activities. The Knowledge Center does not provide security for furnishings or displays left in the lobby before or after event hours. Fire safety codes prohibit locking the first-floor entrance to the lobby. It is the responsibility of event organizer(s) to schedule staff to control non-participant access through the lobby.

Capacity and Seating

The auditorium, located on the first floor of the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center, has a maximum capacity of 163 people. Reservations will not be accepted for groups expected to exceed this capacity. Seating is theater style and fixed.

Scheduling and Hours

The auditorium is available from one-half hour after the opening of the Knowledge Center to one-half hour before closing, including weekends. Click the link for hours. The schedule varies for holidays and academic breaks.

Please submit requests to use the auditorium at least five working days in advance. To make a reservation request contact Classroom Scheduling at (775) 784-6837 or scheduling@unr.edu.

If approved, the reservation will be confirmed by e-mail notice to the requester with important information about the reservation.  Once you are approved by Classroom Scheduling, contact the Knowledge Center event coordinators for additional assistance at KCSEAB@unr.edu.

Lilli Brant Room (DeLaMare)


  • Maximum capacity is 40 with theater style configuration
  • No removing furniture from the room.

Event Resources

  • Technology: There is no technology built into the room. The DeLaMare Library has projectors and screens available for free checkout. Additional (self-serve) technology is available in the @One, 1st floor of the Knowledge Center.
  • Furniture: There are 4 square tables with 10 conference chairs, 8 comfortable arm chairs, and several ottomans. More conference chairs can be added as needed.
  • Signage is available for both entrances to prevent interruptions.
  • Room can be configured in a wide variety of layouts with prior communication.
  • Questions, email the event coordinators at dlmlib@unr.edu.