Searching for Videos

The University of Nevada, Reno Libraries provide access to tens of thousands of videos in streaming or DVD formats. You can search for videos by using Library Search on the library homepage. Enter the topic or title of the video and search.

Narrow your search by choosing a specific Resource Type on the left side of the screen under Refine my results. Select Videos”. (You maybe need to click on “Show More” to have Library Search display all the options under Resource Type.)

Screenshot of the "Resource Type" filter box in Library Search. The resource type "Videos” is enclosed in a red rectangle to indicate its location.

Doing so will bring up both streaming videos and physical media, like DVDs. The bulk of the Libraries’ DVDs are located in MARS (Mathewson Automated Retrieval System). Use the same steps when retrieving a DVD from MARS, as you would books.

Streaming Videos

To limit your results just to streaming videos, be sure to also select “Available online” under the Availability filter.

Alternatively, you can search for streaming videos simply by selecting “Streaming Video” from the “Everything” drop-down menu just to the right of the main search box. Click on the “Available Online” link under a video to access it.

Screenshot of the Library Search box with the right-hand “Everything” drop-down opened and the “Streaming Video” option within it enclosed in a red rectangle.

Visit the Streaming Video Guide for more information about specific streaming video databases that are available through the University Libraries.